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In alignment with the ethos of the space, Sandclock leverages the blockchain's unique properties of transparency, trustlessness, and composability to create a state of the art and the world's first trustless wealth management platform to supercharge your capital's programmability in an accessible manner. Sandclock's ambition is to one day be the masses' gateway to the world of Decentralized Finance.


High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) use opaque wealth management platforms operated by multiple layers of trusted intermediaries to allocate their capital to specific asset classes and generate a return on idle capital. Sandclock does too, with more elegance, trustlessness, and sustainability.


Sandclock offers transparent, non-custodial yield-bearing accounts that automatically track principal and yield, allowing the user to continuously stream either or both to an address or smart contract of their choice. This is in stark contrast with legacy solutions that require trust and manual input, and can only move capital in a discrete manner.

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Principal / Yield aware architecture

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Sustainable yield generation

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Access to RWAs

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Streamlined access via Integration with traditional authentication services


Use Cases

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Standing Out

The 2020 Web3 boom was marked by clunky UI's, poor UX, uninspired architecture design, and no security. Now, while the cumbersome, unpolished UIs of the past have made way for the beautiful interfaces of the present, Web3 UX is still in dire straits—in particular, due to the absence of now emerging infrastructure, but mainly poor UX design.

With regards to architecture design, there are flashes of brilliance if you know where to look. However, more often than not, security comes second, with non-obvious second order effects being lack of insurance.

Standing Out

What Did We Do?

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Pushed the boundary on smart contract architecture

Sandclock combines the practicality of a bank account, with the flexibility of a HNWI wealth management services company, and made it trustless, becoming the world's first trustless non-custodial wealth management platform. Permissionless, for everyone.

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Beauty, ease of use for everyone

And because Web3 UX is notorious for being unintuitive, demanding tremendous amounts of context and know-how, and neglecting risk disclosures, Sandclock was built to do the opposite, following industry standard User Research methodology and continuous iteration to result in the most accessible interface in the space.

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Security, security, security

In an industry plagued with exploits and no viable insurance solutions, Sandclock set a high bar. After the MVP, the protocol's specification and properties were painstakingly specified prior to its implementation. Afterwards, best-in-class security practices were applied, culminating in applying lightweight formal methods.

  2. 2 E2E Forking Tests
  3. 3 Behavioral Fuzzing
  4. 4 Coverage-Guided Fuzzing
  5. 5 Bounded model checker
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Mutation Testing